Personal Project Update 6 – Indiana Renewable Energy

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The final firm which responded was Hoosier Energy A description about the firm and then the answers to my questions follows:

Hoosier Energy:


It is an energy generation and transmission cooperative which provides electric power to eighteen member distribution cooperatives in central & southern Indiana and southern Illinois. It includes, two coal fired power plants, a natural gas fired combined cycle plant, natural gas fired peaking plants, a renewable energy landfill methane generating plant, 1450 miles of transmission lines and around 300 substation and delivery points.

Hoosier Energy is a Touchstone Energy Co-operative; it provides service according to four core values: integrity, accountability, innovation and commitment to community.

Hoosier Energy’s power portfolio includes clean renewable energy from landfill methane, coalbed methane, hydro power and wind energy.

The objectives of Hoosier Energy’s Renewable Policy are:

–          To create diversity of sources of power supply

–          To provide member co-ops with renewable energy to support their consumer programs

–          To strengthen and reinforce their environmental stewardship initiatives.

–          To improve rural communities of central and southern Indiana.

Response to Questions:

1)  Is Sustainability a part of your firm’s motto? If yes, how do you work towards it?

A: The Hoosier Energy Mission Statement is:

To provide member distribution systems with assured, reliable and competitively priced energy and services in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner.

Sustainability is not mentioned specifically, but is implied in the environmentally acceptable manner piece.  We work towards this in many ways by making sure we have the best environmental controls on our plants, habitat restoration, supporting environmental groups and pursuing renewable energy projects.

2) Do you think Indiana (which uses coal as its main energy source) will move towards maximizing its renewable energy and reduce its fossil fuel usage?

A: There is already a trend away from coal and towards natural gas and renewables.  I think this     trend will continue for a decade or more.

3) What are the qualities that you look for in a person while hiring him/her for a job at your company?

A: There are hundreds of jobs in our company, each of which require different traits.  Overall it is important that an applicant will fit in to the utility business and more specifically the cooperative culture.

4) If you get a chance to develop your firm in an international developing country for example, India, would you be ready to move to a new country and what will your basic strategy be?

A: We are not planning to expand out of the country and it is very unlikely that we would ever do   so. However, numerous countries are working with US based cooperatives and copying the business model, which I think is a very good model to emulate.

5) I wanted to specifically know about the kind of research Hoosier Energy is taking up in the Bio energy side and what do you think is its future in the Indiana markets?

A: We are not doing any research per se at the moment.  We have kept abreast of developments and continue to monitor them.   Ethanol and biodiesel will continue to be the dominant forces in Indiana bioenergy for the foreseeable future.  There is some limited expansion of landfill gas energy plants that is feasible and there will be anaerobic digestion of manure on cattle and swine farms.   Neither of these represent huge amounts of power.  There may be a few hundred megawatts of capacity if all the projects get built.  There is potential for thousands of MW of wind and solar in Indiana.

Reference:  Energy, H. (n.d.). Retrieved from


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