Personal Project Update 5 – Indiana Renewable Energy

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

I tried to get most of the details and renewable energy technologies from the company representatives. The next firm is a growing renewable energy service provider:

Phoenix Mechanical:



They are a plumbing and HVAC business located about 20 miles north of Fort Wayne in a small town.

They started offering solar thermal heating products (solar hot water and solar space heating), around 2008-09.

The services they provide are:

Heating and Cooling, Plumbing, Water treatment, Air quality system, renewable energy systems (Geothermal heating and cooling, Solar hot water heaters, solar space heaters, solar pool heating)

They also believe in educating their clients about ways to achieve energy efficiency.

Link to the products and services provided:

They also have a learning page on their website which helps the general public learn more about fossil fuels and renewable energy:

Responses to my questions: 

1) Is Sustainability a part of your firm’s motto? If yes, how do you work towards it?

A: I am not sure I would say that sustainability is part of our motto, but we do try to educate our clients on the cost saving factors of energy efficient products.  Energy savings equate to lower energy costs in the future. While some clients do upgrade to more energy efficient products {expensive} in reality, and sadly, most consumers are bottom dollar cost driven.  They want the cheapest cost today.

2) Do you think Indiana (which uses coal as its main energy source) will move towards maximizing its renewable energy and reduce its fossil fuel usage?

A: Personally I do not believe it will be anytime soon. The federal government offers tax credits for geothermal, solar hot water and solar electric.  There are no state incentives in Indiana. Until the front end cost to consumers is lowered, I see little change coming in the future.

3) What are the qualities that you look for in a person while hiring him/her for a job at your company?

A: Honesty, strong work ethic, good “people skills” and a working knowledge of the industry.
4) If you get a chance to develop your firm in an international developing country for example, India, would you be ready to move to a new country and what will your basic strategy be?

A: We have no expansion plans at this time.

It was also mentioned by one of the representatives that – “They have had many inquiries over the past few years on solar products; however they say that people get a “shock” when they learn the cost of the system”

Based on my questions on their growth in the solar and geothermal energy side : “Sad to say, we have not sold any solar heating systems.  We have installed one solar attic fan. We do sell and have installed geothermal heating and cooling systems”

This shows that there is a bit of awareness spread among the people of Indiana about energy efficiency and climate change, but unless the costs drastically fall, it would be very difficult for the consumers to move towards renewable energy sources.


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