Personal Project Update 4

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I have realized that it is not very easy to get information from all the companies you want to. The other friendly ones who responded to my questions are:

Riverbridge Electric:



It is a full service mechanical contracting business which is specialized in electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, that is based on its renewable energy products. Its website mentions:
“Riverbridge Electric has a focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Our technicians have generations of experience in the trades. Our team specializes in integrating Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing, and Solar into the building in order to provide comfort and efficiency. Our mission is to provide the best quality service and installation.”
The most important aspect of their business is the conscientious and capable work ethic their technicians bring to our homes and businesses.

The renewable energy services they provide are:
Electrical: Installation and servicing most electrical systems, including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural. They can understand the need for and can build energy efficient control systems. They plan to implement the “Smart Grid” technology in their services soon.

Electric Panels

Electric Panels

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC): Heating and cooling are few of the greatest users of energy at residential and commercial buildings. Riverbridge Electric provides energy efficient products such as: ground (water) source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, condensing gas furnaces, condensing gas boilers, inverter technology mini-split systems, and also with a variety of indoor air quality control equipment.

Amana Outdoor Heat Lamp

Amana Outdoor Heat Lamp

Solar Electric and Solar Thermal: They design, install, and integrate most solar energy projects. This includes, solar domestic hot water and space heating. Photo Voltaic systems are also designed and installed to counterbalance some of the building’s energy use. Thus producing enough power to put into the grid or to stand alone for off-grid uninterrupted power supply.

Amana Furnace Installation

Amana Furnace Installation

Water and Electric

Water and Electric

The direct link for the products they provide is

Responses to my Questions:

1)      Is Sustainability a part of your firm’s motto? If yes, how do you work towards it?

A:   Efficiency, energy efficiency and sustainability have been part of our mission since this business was started in 1978. I installed my first Solar system in 1978, it was a large residential system to supply domestic hot water and space heating. The reaction from the community was that I was some kind of nut for thinking this voo-doo technology would work. We are a mechanical contracting business specializing in HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. I have always encouraged our clients to replace inefficient appliances and infrastructure with new energy efficient products and systems, including furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, cooling equipment, water closets, faucets, waste water & potable water systems, electrical     and lighting systems. My passion has always been Solar both Thermal and Photvoltaic. Indiana has proven to be a very difficult market for renewable energy systems as well as high efficiency equipment. A lot of this resistance to “new things”could be our rural agriculture area!

2) Do you think Indiana (which uses coal as its main energy source) will move towards maximizing its renewable energy and reduce its fossil fuel usage?

A: Indiana has a very strong fossil fuel and bio-fuel lobby and is entrenched in Republican style resistance to logic. This state has encouraged and subsidized utility scale wind and some PV, though most of the attention has gone toward bio-fuels and coal. I am a believer in Distributed Generation (“make it where you use it”) where as centralized power production has inherent inefficiencies. I do believe that our state will have no choice but to move toward encouraging more renewable energy use, but we will resist and delay moving in that direction. It will most likely take much more education and awareness!

3) What are the qualities that you look for in a person while hiring him/her for a job at your company?

A: Environmental awareness , physically healthy, ethical, willing to learn, smart, ability to think critically, decision making ability, fearless and social.

4)  If you get a chance to develop your firm in an international developing country for example, India, would you be ready to move to a new country and what will your basic strategy be?

A: I have been struggling as a small business for way too long to want to expand/extend at this point in my life! Growing up in the 1960’s, being infallible and overflowing with idealizm, I thought that “we” would change the world. Realistically we got diverted toward accumulating stuff and raising families, losing track. As I have traveled to various places on the planet I have thought about this last question a lot. A simple answer would be: Education with an open mind and a critical world view! I would travel, but I would not relocate permanently, I live in the “best” place on the planet, and I have a large important, supportive, conscious, loving family!

General Information:

  • Product types: solar electric power systems, photovoltaic modules, inverters.
  • Address: 500 E Main St North , Manchester, Indiana USA 46962
  • Telephone: +1 260 9821180
  • FAX: +1 260 9820685
  • Web Site:

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