Personal Project Update 2: Indiana Renewable Energy

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have been trying to do a lot of research on the renewable energy firms in Indiana. The basic steps I took were to look up the types of Renewable Energy firms. I never knew that Indiana had a huge list of renewable energy firms and that they are divided into so many different categories as there are a lot of different components involved in a renewable energy technology.

Firms that produce batteries to provide more power, more energy and have a longer lifespan.

1) Chrome Battery

2) Enerdel Inc.,

3) Battery Xpress, Inc.

4) Bulldog Battery Corporation

5) Batteries, Com.

6) Greenworks Energy

7) Integrated Power Systems


Firms that produce water heating systems using renewable energy sources such as Geothermal and Solar and energy efficient water pumps (Also includes some solar and wind businesses)

1)      WaterFurnace Inc.

2)      I Power Energy Systems (Water Pumps)

3)      SunWind Power Systems Inc. (Solar water heating)

4)      Bpm Service Today

5)      One Planet Solar and Wind Inc.

Firms that design and construct wind turbines and produce products which enhance the wind energy systems.


1)      Industrial steel construction (Components of wind turbines)

2)      Kinetic Art and Technology (SEMA Motors for wind turbines)

3)      Major Tool & Machine Inc. (Wind, Hydro and Ocean Energy System Components)

4)      Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors (Wind energy towers)

5)      REO USA Inc. ( Wind Energy System Components)

6)      Estes Design and Manufacturing Inc. (Small wind energy components)

7)      Moon Fabricating Corp. (Large Wind energy towers)

8)      ECI Wind and Solar (Wind Turbines & Tower Charge Controllers)

Firms that design, construct and install Solar Energy PV panels for various residential and industrial locations. There are numerous firms which are developing and marketing solar energy as it is the next big thing in the energy markets and Indiana has a solar compatible climate. They are:


1)      SunRise Solar (Solar Powered Ventilation)

2)      Earth-Solar Technologies Corporation

3)      River Bridge Electric (HVAC , electrical and plumbing)

4)      Garrett Energy Systems (HVAC, Solar space heating and hot water systems)

5)      Solar Wind Power Systems Inc.

6)      ECI Wind and Solar

7)      Green Alternatives Inc.

8)      Riverbridge Electric, LLC.

9)      Solar Energy Systems, LLC. (Solar and Wind Energy Systems)

10)  Whole Sun Designs Inc.

11)  GreenLink Global (LED Lighting, Mono crystalline and Poly crystalline silicon PV cells)

12)  Midwest Wind and Solar LLC.

13)  Johnson Melloh Solutions

14)  G-Tech Energy Inc. (PV Systems and other green energy products)

15)  Home Energy LLC

16)  Morton Solar & Wind LLC. (Solar , Wind and Water heating systems)


Most of these firms provide a mix of multiple energy system products. These are not all the renewable energy firms. There are many more small scale other renewable energy firms that use bio energy and produce bio fuels, which I am going to look into. Based on these firms I am going to shortlist the firms which I feel have a plan in mind to work towards attaining sustainable communities with energy independence (by contacting them directly).

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