Personal Project – Indiana Renewable Energy

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

My specialization is in “Energy” so I was wondering what project I could do which could influence me positively. So I chose my project to be an analysis of the renewable energy market in Indiana.

It is kind of a personal market analysis where I would make a list of all the renewable energy firms in Indiana and screen them based on my requirements and gather information about what their views towards sustainability and climate change are, what do they think are the problems they are presently facing and the problems they might face in the future, what kind of interns and employees they are looking for and what difference could a student who has taken a course in “Sustainable Communities” make to their firm.

I would also like to put forth the situations and conditions in my home country – India and get their views about what policies and steps their firm would take to implement their ideas of sustainability in a developing country and if they would like to invest in countries like India. I would call it going from “Indiana to India”.

This would be the major portion of my project. There could be certain changes based on the information and ideas I receive. I know it will make a difference to my career path in sustainability and energy. I hope everybody enjoys it when I present it in front of you!


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